Daily Problems

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Daily problems

tesuji: black to play
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[cn][ho][jo][jq][kq]C[Ex. 11 - Shinogi
If W can play one more move B will be in a bad way.
He must find a suji to give him eyes before this happens.]
(;B[gr]LB[gr:1]C[Diag. 2 - Correct
B 1 oki is a good move. (cont.)];W[gq]LB[gq:2]C[If W 2, (cont.)]
;B[hr]LB[hr:3]C[B connects at 3, (cont.)]
(;W[fr]LB[fr:4]C[W 4 (cont.)];B[iq]LB[hp:A][iq:5]C[and B plays tsuppari at 5.
After this "A" is a strong move and he has his 2 eyes above and below, so B can feel at ease.
A further important point is that the W group has not been strengthened.]
(;W[iq]LB[iq:4]C[Diag.3. - Variation
After B 3 watari, W 4 tsukiatari, (cont.)];B[ir]LB[ir:5];W[kr]
LB[kr:6]C[followed by 6 (cont.)];B[jr]LB[jr:7];W[lr]LB[lr:8]
C[and 8, taking away B's eyes is unreasonable. (cont.)];B[fq]
LB[fq:9]C[B plays hane 9 (cont.)];W[gp]LB[gp:10];B[eq]LB[eq:11]
;W[dr]LB[dr:12];B[fo]LB[fo:13]C[and after the kake 13 he can capture 4 stones.
If W 12 is at 13, B lives by playing hane at 12]))
(;B[gq]LB[gq:1]C[Diag. 1 - Failure
B plays tsuke 1 (cont.)];W[gr]LB[gr:2]C[and after W 2, (cont.)]
;B[hp]LB[hp:3]C["bumps against" a W stone with his 3. (cont.)]
;W[iq]LB[iq:4]C[If W 4, (cont.)];B[ip]LB[ip:5];W[fq]LB[in:A]
[fq:6]C[B 5 and W 6 the nozoki "A" is effective and since there is one eye on the side, B has done enough to live, but this way of playing leaves something to be desired.]

intermediate: black to play
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advanced: black to play
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expert: black to play
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