Daily Problems

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Daily problems

tesuji: black to play
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[cq][fq][dr][er][fr]C[Ex. 3 Semeai
The problem is how to save B's 4 stones.
Obviously it is impossible without capturing the 2 W stones on the right or the 4 W stones in the centre.]
(;B[hr]LB[hr:1]C[Diag. 2 - Correct
The belly attachment B1 is a splendid move. (cont.)];W[hq]LB[hq:2]
C[If W comes out at 2 (cont.)];B[hp]LB[hp:3]C[B 3 (cont.)];W[iq]
LB[iq:4]C[forces W 4, (cont.)];B[fn]LB[fn:5]C[then comes the hasamitsuke B 5. This is the vital point of the 4 stones and W cannot move an inch. (cont.)]

(;W[eo]LB[eo:6]C[If W 6, (cont.)];B[em]LB[em:7]C[B plays 7 and wins the semeai.
B 1 and 5 are both tsuke suji and, being light moves, they work well to help him tide over this difficult situation.]
(;W[em]LB[em:6]C[Diag. 3 - Correct
B 5 tsuke, not playing ate against the 4 W stones immediately, is worth noting.
If W 6, (cont.)];B[eo]LB[eo:7][sr:1]C[B wins with 7.])
(;W[go]LB[go:6]C[Diag. 4 - Correct
If W 6 after B 5, (cont.)];B[fo]LB[fo:7]C[ B cuts at 7.]))
(;B[hp]LB[hp:1]C[Diag 1 - Failure
If B plays nobi 1 (cont.)];W[ds]LB[ds:2]C[and after W 2 (cont.)]
;B[fn]LB[fn:3]C[plays 3 attempting to capture the 4 stones he is short of liberties himself. 
Even after B 3 hane he is too late.];W[fs]LB[fs:4]C[ He loses because W plays ate 4 first.]

intermediate: black to play
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advanced: black to play
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expert: black to play
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