Daily Problems

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Daily problems

tesuji: white to play
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[gp][dq][hq][iq][kq][br][dr][jr]LB[aa:1]C[Ex. 7 Life or death ( W to play)
The 2 W stones in the corner are in a position to be captured.
You will have to be very skillful to get 2 eyes on the cramped lower side.]
(;W[cs]LB[cs:1]C[Diag. 3 - Correct
If you want to play a lot of kikashi moves from the outside,  the general principle is to add sute ishe. W 1 sagari is an appropriate suji for this purpose. (cont.)]
;B[bq]LB[bq:2]C[If B plays 2 (cont.)];W[er]LB[er:3]C[W 3 (cont.)]
;B[bs]LB[bs:4]C[B 4 (cont.)];W[es]LB[es:5]C[and W 5 osae are effective.]
;B[ds]LB[ds:6]C[B captures 3 stones (cont.)];W[gs]LB[gs:7]C[When W plays 7, allowing B to capture 3 stones at 6, he has cleverly secured life.
If you want more kikashi moves, you should increase the number of sute ishi.]
(;W[bq]LB[bq:1]C[Diag. 1 - Failure
Most people would try the magari W 1, but there is a fundamental flaw in the idea. (cont.)]
;B[cs]LB[cs:2]C[When B plays 2, (cont.)];W[er]LB[er:3]C[W is too late even if he plays kosumitsuke 3. (cont.)]
;B[bp]LB[bp:4]C[After 4 (cont.)]
(;W[gs]LB[gs:5]C[W 5 (cont.)];B[is]LB[is:6]C[and 6, W is dead.]
(;W[is]CR[is]C[Diag.2 failure
Even if he tries this magari instead, it has no effect. (cont.)]
;B[gs]CR[gs]C[The sequence up to B 6 ensures W's death])))

intermediate: black to play
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advanced: black to play
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expert: black to play
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