Daily stategy problems

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Daily stategy problems

opening: black to play
{"filetype": "problem"}
[pp:4][pq:9][qq:8][qp:10][qn:6][ql:7][om:13][rn:12]C[ Black to play.  

After White 14, how should Black respond ?]
(;B[ho]C[Correct Answer.  

Black should cap with 1.]TE[2]
(;W[fq]C[White will most likely respond with 2, ...];B[jd]C[... so Black can take the big point at the top with 3, mapping out a magnificent sphere of influence. <=]

If White takes the big point at 2 and doesn't defend the bottom, ...]
;B[gq]C[... the attachment of Black 3 is big.];W[gp]C[If White 4, ...]
;B[hp]C[... Black will cut at B and he will have no problem defending his position here. <=]

If Black rushes to play 1, ...];W[io]C[... White expands her position with 2, while limiting the scale of Black's moyo. <=]

Trying to gain a foothold on the left side with 1 is dubious.]
;W[nc]C[White will establish a position at the top with 2 ...]
;B[pf];W[jd]LB[cj:1]C[... and 4. A move like 1 is played when Black intends to go for territory, so it is inconsistent with his moyo strategy here. <=]

invading: white to play
{"filetype": "problem"}
[ce][jc][kd][nd][oc][qb]LB[kd:1]C[White to play.  

Although it looks like a tesuji, Black 1 is a dubious move. How should White respond ?]

(;W[kc]C[Correct Answer.  

White should atari with 1 and ...]TE[2];B[ke];W[jb];B[lc];W[ic]
(;W[jc];B[lb];W[fc]LB[kf:B][le:A]C[... play the moves to 9 (later White can start a fight with A, Black B). <=]
(;W[lb]LB[jc:@]C[Instead of connecting at @, White could opt for a ko by playing at 7. This could be dangerous for Black. <=]

attacking: black to play
{"filetype": "problem"}
[mi][mk][lk]C[Black to play.  

Both the black and white marked stones are floating in the center. It is Black's move. What should he do ?]

(;B[jf]C[Correct Answer.  

Black should attack with the knight's move of 1.]TE[2];W[ld]
C[After the exchange of 2 ...];B[jd]C[... for Black 3, ...]
;W[nd]C[... White makes shape with 4. but ...];B[pc]C[... Black secures the corner and a thick position with 5. White is in trouble. <=]

Black 1 is in the wrong direction.];W[jf]C[It induces White to save her stones, while leaving Black's stones seriously injured. <=]