Daily stategy problems

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Daily stategy problems

opening: white to play
{"filetype": "problem"}
[qe:2][pf:3]C[White to move.  

After Black 1 and 3, what are White's next two moves ?]
(;W[qf]C[Correct Answer.  

White should crawl once with 1, ...]TE[2]
(;B[pg];W[jc]C[... then extend to 3 to neutralise Black's thick wall on the right.]
;B[qg]TR[qn]C[Black 4 is a thick move, but, in this case, White doesn't mind because her marked stone neutralises this thickness.]
;W[qb]C[White next jumps to 5 in order to live in the corner. <=]
(;B[ic]LB[qf:1]C[Failure for Black.  

If Black ignores White 1 and pincers with 2, ...];W[pg]C[... White will hane with 3.]
;B[og]C[If Black also hanes at 4, ...];W[oh]LB[ic:2]TR[pf][pe]
C[... White will play a two-step hane at 5 and the right side will have become big. In any case, the two marked black stones have become bad moves because they have given White profit. If Black wants to pincer with 2, he should do so without playing the marked stones. <=]

Jumping to White 1 is not good.];B[qf];W[rf];B[rg];W[rh];B[pg]
;W[qh];B[re];W[sg];B[qc]C[Black will strengthen his position with the forcing moves to 10, ...]
;W[rd];B[ic]C[... then pincer with 12.]))

invading: black to play
{"filetype": "problem"}
[pb][nc][kc]AB[gq][hp][ho][jp][jq][pq][po][pk][pd][pf][qc]C[ Black to play.  

Where should Black play so as to decrease the size of White's moyo while increasing the size of his own ?]
;B[le]C[Correct Answer.  

Black should expand his moyo with 1.]TE[2];W[jd]C[If White defends with 2, ...]
;B[jf]C[... Black continues to expand with 3. The scale of Black's moyo is now larger than White's. <=]

attacking: black to play
{"filetype": "problem"}
[dp]TR[ic][ie][id]C[ Black to play.  

How should Black attack the three marked stones ?]
(;B[ig]C[Correct Answer.  

Black caps with 1.]TE[2]
(;W[ge]C[If White peeps with 2, ...];B[gg]C[... Black 3 confines the white stones to the top.]
;W[hc];B[he];W[jb];B[kb];W[fc]C[White lives at the top in gote with the sequence to 18, so ...]
;B[qk]C[... Black can switch to the right side and attack the two white stones there with 19. <=]

If White tries to escape with 2, ...];B[kh]C[... Black keeps her stones confined with the knight's move of 3.]
;W[lf]C[If White 4,];B[mh]LB[pf:A]C[... Black 5. If White continues to run away, Black can lean on the white stones on the right by attaching at A, so White will suffer a loss on the right or lose her stones at the top. <=]

The knight's move of Black 1 lacks forcefulness. White ...]
;W[if];B[jg];W[ig];B[jh];W[hi]C[... runs away with the sequence to 6, and the wall Black makes is ineffective because of the two white stones on the right. <=]